Extraordinary Student Culture

In ONLY 12 weeks!!

Learn the skills, techniques, processes, and approaches to create great digital application and software designs that delight your employer, customers, and consumers!



The classes will be a fast paced, fun, experiential learning environment, ranging with student not larger than 30 per class instructor.  The classes will have projects that are generated from our corporate and community partners. The classes in content, pace, and expected learned skill by completion are extremely challenging.


Valley Technical Academy creates a culture of inclusion, fun, and support for all its students.

This is accomplished by all of the following:

  • Our instructors understand and represent the culture
  • Social activities that intentionally activate the culture
  • Staff support and availability,  all the time, for everyone
  • Graduate Support and Alumni gatherings


The space will be modern, open, comfortable, familiar, hip/cool,  and welcoming.  In addition to servicing the academic environment with classroom and work space.

The coffee shop and snack bar will provide a place where students can stay and study from 7  a..m. until midnight.  Providing this space for our students gives them the best possible chance of succeeding, while introducing them to new relationships and  giving them a modern work team environment they will likely experience in the workplace.

Our Mission: Produce graduates with marketable skill and immediate production capabilities to employers.
The Purpose: Provide immersive skill training in high demand technical jobs which result in the graduate having a marketable skill and immediate opportunity for employment.

Choose Your Destination

12 Week Programs That Build The Skills For Modern Careers

Web Development

We teach the skills you need to kickstart your career as a developer and a lifelong learner. From programming fundamentals to launching full-stack web apps, you’ll learn to solve problems with code while applying industry best practices in a collaborative environment.

User Experience Design

We teach core skills that make up the entire user experience design process. From research and ideation to prototyping and testing, our user experience design training will help you solve design problems using proven skills and methods.

iOS App Development

In the iOS Development Immersive, you’ll learn everything you need to create iOS apps from scratch. We cover programming, third-party services and iterative design for development sprints — all adapted for the platform.