iOS App Development

WHAT YOU’LL LEARN – IOS App Development

In the iOS Development Immersive, you’ll learn everything you need to create iOS apps from scratch. We cover programming, third-party services and iterative design for development sprints — all adapted for the platform.

Swift, Xcode, and Interface Builder

Build full-featured and interactive iOS apps from scratch using Xcode and the latest version of Swift, Apple’s own open source programming language.

Mobile Design and Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines

Create beautiful and functional mobile interfaces for iOS apps that adhere to Apple’s latest design and UX guidelines.

APIs, Networking & Performance Management

Delve into strategies that empower users to share content with friends, download media to their devices, and connect to social media sites. Gauge and improve the way your app performs across devices.

Working in Teams, Design Methods & Ideation

Work with fellow students to generate app ideas, design collaboratively, and bring new concepts to life through projects and assignments.

Our Mission: Produce graduates with marketable skill and immediate production capabilities to employers.
The Purpose: Provide immersive skill training in high demand technical jobs which result in the graduate having a marketable skill and immediate opportunity for employment.