Who We Are
Valley Technical Academy is an immersive learning environment that guarantees careers opportunities for each student by providing real work experiences and in-depth modern technical training.
Our Student Culture

Learn skills, techniques, processes, and the approach to create digital applications and designs that delight employers, customers, and consumers.


The classes will be a fast-paced, fun, experiential learning environment, not larger than 30 students per instructor. The classes will have projects that are generated from corporate and community partners. The challenging perspective the classes bring prepares you for working in the tech sector.


We create a culture of inclusion, fun, and support for all its students.

This is accomplished by

  • Our instructors understanding and representing the culture
  • Having social activities that intentionally activate the culture
  • Staff support being available all the time, for everyone
  • Graduate support and alumni gatherings taking place


The space is modern, open, comfortable, familiar, hip, and welcoming. In addition to servicing the academic environment with classroom and work space.

The coffee shop and snack bar will provide a place where students can stay and study from 8  a.m. until 5p.m.  Providing this space for our students gives them the best possible chance of succeeding, while introducing them to new relationships and giving them a modern work team environment they will likely experience in the workplace.

Our Top Talent Instructors

Our extraordinary instructors provide earning that prepares you to begin and advance your career.

All of our instructors have spent their careers working for top-tier companies applying the same skills they will be teaching you.

What this means for you, our student, is you will learn from those who have successfully done for others exactly what they are teaching you.

Our instructors will not only teach you the skills and techniques you need to learn, but they will mentor you and work side by side with you on real world projects from our corporate partners during your program so you gain extraordinary experience before you even start your career.

Finally our instructors will be available to you your entire career to support you in any way you need!

Learn By Doing

Immersive experiences are a combination of real world technology implementation, time management, team building excercises, and project development.

Our purpose is to give all of our students, staff, and partners the experience of a lifetime!

You will learn, work, and interact with your fellow students, instructors, and corporate partners.

We will immerse you in a learning environment, and in a culture of success and fun unparalleled anywhere else.