What you will learn

The Web Development program will teach the skills students need to kick start their career as a developer and a life long learner. From programming fundamentals to launching full-stack web apps, they'll learn to solve problems with code while applying industry best practices in a collaborative environment. This program will cover programming fundamentals, the basics of product development, front-end web development, and back-end web development. Graduates of this program will find entry-level employment as Web Programmers, Web Developers, Web Applications Developers, Software Developers, Computer Programmers, Quality Assurance Engineers and Front-End Developers


Completion Requirements

Students are required to participate in the final group project as an active member of the team. Daily evaluations are done as to their involvement in the final projects. Additionally, students must complete an individual project on a topic of their choosing that meets these requirements.
Front End Development
Front End Development
FED101: Introduction to HTML/CSS/Bootstrap
FED102: Javascript/jQuery
30/60: 90
Back End Development
Back End Development
Back End Development
WD101: Working with teams & clients
WD102: Introduction to Java
WD103: PHP I, PHP II, MySQL, PHP III, Laravel
35/80: 155
Capstone Project
Career Simulation & Prep
WD104: Capstones and Project Development 35/80: 115
PROGRAM TIME 360 hours / 12 weeks
  1. Student Projects must be approved by an instructor or director
  2. Student's project must be aesthetically pleasing
  3. Student applications must utilize a SQL or NoSQL data store
  4. Student must utilize a front-end framework to enable SPA functionality
  5. Student must make at least one AJAX call that solves a real world problem
  6. Student must be a helpful, active participant in the group project.
  7. Student must complete the Resume Building and Interview Preparation exercises
  8. Student must have a passing grade (2.0 GPA) upon completion of the final week of the course
  9. Student must be current on financial obligations