The Valley Tech experience is unmatched. Whether on campus or online you will have an immersive environment full of opportunities for growth in the tech field. You'll work with instructors and mentors, tech influencers, and study groups giving you a leg-up on the journey to become a leader in the tech sector.


Our culture is fast-paced, dynamic, and full of energy. Valley Tech is a place you come to LEARN TO WORK, all day every day, so you are prepared and ready for the demands of the workforce after graduation.
We accomplish this through the use of advanced technology, robust systems, great instructors, and most importantly a student that is ready and willing to participate and challenge themself!


Our spaces are modern, open, comfortable, familiar, hip, and welcoming. Our online platform is robust and interactive, making learning fun, interactive, and experiential.

Experienced-based learning

Immersive experiences are a combination of real world technology implementation, time management, team building exercises, and project development. Our purpose is to give all of our students, staff, and partners the experience of a lifetime! You will learn, work, and interact with your fellow students, instructors and corporate partners. We will immerse you in a learning environment and in a culture of success and fun unparalleled anywhere else.


70/30, that's the structure: that's approximately 70% active experiential learning and 30% lecture. It's that simple.

Why? It's a more effective model when learning new concepts and it's also a great way to build a portfolio to show potential employers your real world application of your skills and knowledge. This model allows us to structure our classes in a hands-on environment, giving you control of the wheel to journey toward the future of your new career.

Job Placement

Our passion is to see our graduates succeed. Whether starting their career, starting their own company, or furthering their education, we support and guide our students through the process, as long as it takes, where ever it takes them.

Student for life program

Valley Tech alumni are able to continue to take available courses and access curriculum at no additional cost for life.  Valley Tech is a lifelong partner for our students and their careers and continued development.


Our Instructors

Valley Tech's instructors are passionate about technology, and passionate about transferring their knowledge to their students. Our instructors participate in the skill and professional development of our student's during class through graduation, and often beyond.